100th post.

I've been neglecting all forms of my work via internet for a couple of months. Mainly because I have still to complete a few projects that will probably all come together at the same time.

Things in pipe line;

Celebrating and archiving the past and current graduates of GDI Brighton 06-11 (more info to follow soon), a book about found letters and images, some not so much excitable projects and listening to lots of disco.

I am not going to upload any work from school onto here for a while but stuff I've done outside of university. Apart from making collages and drawings for myself, recently Moshi Moshi Records came to me and asked if I could create a illustration for a t-shirt design. I could not say no even though I am super busy (and no, not just watching Gossip Girl).

I was also asked to make a poster for the Brighton School Walk Out, this was made very fast, it has a slight twist of (you would only understand if you were there) humour too.



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