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Rainy days, tramps crawling and trannys screaming, living on George Street is something. My bedroom consists of an in joke of 4 different locations of a house, mandas boudoir//mini lounge//studio & walk in wardrobe within a tiny space.
University is passing through real well. Helen and I are currently in the battle to win the open day poster for the University of Brighton. I'm not sure if were looking at this from a experimental way or in it for the win it. A tragic amount of concepts have come and gone, yet we have now stuck with a.. I feel creative, fun and sensible solution.
My lack of trying to get any work outside of uni isnt very professional of me, so I am going to get back into it. Free flyer, poster, book, cake, map (etcetc) making for anyone.
Recently I designed a poster for Tobys night 'The Happiest Place on Earth"(Gotta start from the bottom ay ha ha) Teeth, E+E, Cold Pumas & Bear feet are playing at Hectors House 25/10/09. Awesome bands.
The concept was based around their lose recordings and experimental sound.


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