roller coasters, thrills & overindulgence

The summer has been one of the best and worse I have experienced, I feel i should update a little part of my life onto here. 

Currently in Brighton, wondering how will and how shall I start to build my graphic, art, illustration, photography (whatever art&design based) knowledge and skills. Its been a long time for me to just sit down, do some work or in-depth research. Not entirely because of laziness either. Holidays, unsuspected events and spending time with friends. Beni was great, apart from the sunstroke and lack of seeing many bands/dj's however the people I went with were great. 

I am soon going to start one of a few zines for my own personal collection of work. Subjects based around travel, brighton, friends, little babbbby chichi's. Anything that interests me. Two types of zines. One. Photography based. Two. Illustrated/Graphics. I have many ideas up my sleeve but why write it for you to imagine? Ive started to research into different processes of print with media and inks. A more enviromental yet cheaper way of printing but im not totally sure of the right companies yet. 

So, I promised to show my work on here quite a while ago but I had left all my work with Luke for a good 2 months. I now have it back, ill update tomorrow with those. 

A brief summary of summer! Here are some photos. 


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