Is the best song at the moment. I saw phoenix on Monday, a birthday present from Jess. They were perfect, I seemed to of got drunk of a glass of wine and emma & I declared our love for parisian boys. Shes now in Paris finding her boy, quite literally.

I could say I have been working hard for my assessment but I feel that could be a lie as ive been out nearly everynight. However, I am nearly finished with most pieces. All I have left is to make my website. Tomorrow I am printing my Semiotics book, a hardcover book would be nice. Not going to happen, time. time. time.

Tuesday I will upload all my new work to the blog. boo-ya

Bread spreaded with flora both sides, folded then put into a toastie maker is the best thing ever. Ive now run out of bread. Try it out. Tom doesnt understand how too do it. duh.


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