I hadnt been to sure of what to use this blog for. My work or life's moans and groans with a slight hint of happiness. I'm going to say, both.
So, hopping around from town to city, city to town has been my main problem this week of not knowing where to settle. Home was nice, especially to smell florally good and see my family while leaving my rabbit with them to babysit. However, having to sleep in my sisters bed with her in it and getting up every morning at 7am for school wasn't so nice. My mum has recently adopted French students for a couple of days every week and they steal my lovely double bed.  
My friends are really awesome and have made my week suuuper 'duuper' fun. From the drunken eyebrow dancing to Don't stop the rock by Freestyle at Afterskool, finding my dream stack of free bread, deep conversations, jokes with jess and emma, indian buffets and shisha bar. Explained to the most simplest form, was amazing. 
I'm currently listening to the up-beat, echoing tunes of New Order, bopping to the beats while stuffing my face with an overload of food and about to bookmark examples of type and image in graphic design annuals. 


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